How The Four Animals In Feng Shui Affect Your Home

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According to the Chinese culture and feng shui, the landscape surrounding any building or house will have a great impact on those spaces and the people who inhabit them. Each one of the four animals describes one of the main house’s directions and the way that area’s landscape might affect the building.

The four animals are: the dragon, the tiger, the tortoise and the phoenix. The dragon, also known as the green dragon, is in charge of the east or right landscape area of a building. Ideally, this building side should have a hill or, in case of an urban landscape, a building or any other structure similar in shape or size.

The tiger, often called the white tiger, indicates how the left or west side of the building should ideally be. According to the white tiger, at the west building’s side there should be another hill, but this should be a little smaller than the dragon’s one. The tiger and the dragon’s hills should be embracing the house symbolizing protection.

The black tortoise has its domains in the north area of a building’s landscape. Ideally, there should be a tall hill or building at this house side in order to give it support. The last animal, often known as the red phoenix, indicates how the south area of the building’s landscape should be. According to the red phoenix, the front house area should have a small hill at some distance from the house entrance. In case of an urban landscape, this can be represented by a tree or a structure of similar shape.

According to the four animals, rural buildings containing an open space with some water from the hills are very auspicious for successful cultivations. The four animals are very important in Chinese cultures, and most people consider them when building or buying a house. This way, feng shui and Chinese traditions experts are often consulted on where to build a house according to these four animals and the landscape surrounding it. Ideally, you should take the four animals guidelines into account at the time of building or buying a house, since the factors they indicate are not easy to change.