How Feng Shui Can Help You With Fertility Problems

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Millions of couples around the world have fertility problems and can not conceive for which the most recommendable is to recur to a specialist which can properly help them. But, although a doctor should be the main guide to follow, feng shui can be an extra help and following its guidelines can make a difference.

According to feng shui, one first factor which might be having an important amount of incidence on a couple which has fertility problems are poison arrows. Poison arrows can appear at any part of the house as well as they can be in the exterior and pointing towards it. Examples of poison arrows are corners which make sharp angles and trees or similar structures pointing towards the house. These elements should be eliminated or covered with plants if eliminating them is not possible.

The most problematic and destructive poison arrows are those which are in the exterior of your house but near it and pointing right towards your main door. The angle of a building, a pillar or a tree pointing this way might be a very negative influence for the lives of those who inhabit the house. These poison arrows cut the energy brought by good chi and bring obstacles and trouble to the space towards which they point.

Another feng shui tip for overcoming fertility problems recommends having a fruit tree. The fruits of this tree which you would have in your garden would symbolize fertility and children, and the more fructiferous it is the better chances the couple will have of conceiving a child so you should take good care of it in order for it to be healthy and give as many fruits as possible.

A very important guideline to follow regarding fertility is one based on the personal kua numbers of the couple members. According to the personal kua number, there is a specific nien yen or fertility direction which has a direct impact on the fertility of the couple. Therefore, once you have found your personal kua number you can enhance your fertility direction and this way improve your chances of conceiving.