How Does A Salt Water Cure Work?

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According to feng shui guidelines, salt water is meant to be very helpful at the time of overcoming diseases and health problems. It can also be used as a prevention and avoid diseases to come into your house and your life. This way, if your health is alright, you can still follow a salt water cure in order to prevent future diseases from coming into your life.

Although salt water cures are good for all health problems, there are some specific cases in which its powers are even stronger. Among such cases we can find sore throats and colds, and whenever a person suffers from one of these problems he might be able to overcome it easier by following a salt water cure.

If you wish to learn how to do a general salt water cure you should follow some steps and specific indications. First of all, you should fill with salt about one quarter of a glass recipient, ideally a jar. Then, you should place six coins, which should ideally be Chinese coins or small gold ingots over the salt. In case of Chinese coins, they should be placed with the characters facing up.

After you have placed the salt and coins in the glass jar, you should fill with water the rest of the space available in the recipient. You should try to fill it to the top and then cover it in order to be able to move it without loosing the water. If you loose some water while moving it to another room, you should bring more water and fill it again since it is important that it maintains the combination of one quarter of salt with three quarters of water.

You should place the jar in a strategic spot. In order to do this, you should find out which is your personal health kua number and directions, or the directions of the person whom you wish to help curing in case is someone else. Once you know the specific directions, you should place the salt water cure jar at it. In case the person is in bed, it can be helpful placing the jar near it as well.