Harmonize Your life With Nine Star Ki

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Nine star ki is a feng shui tool which can help us harmonizing our lives by providing us with information based on time and particular dates. The nine star ki is what the pa kua is based on in its numerical aspect, and therefore our personal kua number has its roots on it as well.

Chi and our own personal energy are not only influenced by the environment but also by time and the correlation between space and time at every specific moment. Nine star ki studies the way in which chi and our personal energy is influenced by the time factor and that co-relation between it and the environment.

Time changes by following some regular patterns and these patterns are the base of nine star ki. This way, nine star ki divides time in nine cycles which are always turning and following the next one in a successive, constant and predictable way, just as years and natural time laws do.

Each nine star ki time cycle is signed by particular characteristics and distinctive individualities. Therefore, each one of us is represented by the characteristics of our personal nine star ki influences. Besides representing us, these cycles also represent and sign the way our environment and our relationships with other people will be during each one of them.

The nine time cycles on which nine star ki is based also from other time cycles in which they are small time portions. This way, nine star ki time cycles are always a part of larger cycles which contain them. For example, once one nine year time cycle passes, that is one larger time cycle, and after the nine year time cycles repeats nine times, that makes a new larger time cycle as well.

Nine star ki is a very helpful tool to have into account at the time of following bagua map indications. The information provided by nine star ki should be added to the guidance given by the bagua in order for us to achieve an environment as balanced and harmonized as possible, which allow us not only to create a comfortable space but also adapted to information given by time laws.