Great Feng Shui Home Improvements You Can Make

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Feng shui home based knowledge is a very important tool which everybody should manage. Your house is probably the space where you spend more time and one of your most influencing environments. Feng shui home tips can help you on how to manage your house space and make it be as good and positive as possible.

The first thing you should do is a feng shui home evaluation based on your house map. According to feng shui, spaces can be divided in nine areas, which standing at the front door and looking to the house are: skills and knowledge, career, helpful people and travel, family, health, creativity and children, prosperity, fame and reputation, and relationships and love.

These nine aspects of life contain every aspect of our life and everything which can happen to us within our house. Feng shui home terms denominate these nine aspects and its map as bagua. The name bagua relates to the word eight and is due to the eight sided shape of the map where each one of the nine aspects that it contains is a gua.

There are five main elements which a feng shui home evaluation must have into account in order to achieve harmony. These five elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal, and they can determine the balance and equilibrium within your home. Each one of the nine life aspects can be improved by employing a specific one of these elements in it.

The feng shui home element water should appear in the prosperity, helpful people and travel, and family areas. Wood should be used to improve prosperity as well as in fame and reputation. Fire must appear in the relationships and love area as well as in health. The element earth should be included in the area of skills and knowledge as well as in relationships and love, and metal balances the life aspects of helpful people and career.

These are the first concepts you should manage and put into practice in order to achieve a feng shui home equilibrium which will be reflected in your life. The balance and harmony of the elements and your life aspects are correlative, and the way your home space is distributed has a direct effect in your life quality.