Gifting & Feng Shui

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According to feng shui, there are some gifts that can have the opposite effect than intended and be harmful to the person who receives it even though it is given with the best intentions. Therefore, it is important that you know which these harmful gifts are in order to be able to avoid giving them and unwillingly cause problems.

First of all, you should never give a sharp object as a gift. When giving a sharp object as a gift, you are actually hurting the relationship you have with the person who receives it since this object would cut and damage the bound existing between you and that person. Sharp objects include knives, scissors, swords and any other similar object.

Another object you should never give as a gift is a clock or a timepiece of any kind. These objects represent the passage of time and measure the life time that is left. This way, timepieces symbolize the approach of the end of the life of the person to whom you are giving it. Actually, in the Chinese culture clocks are seen like a representation of death when given as a gift, been therefore completely avoided at the time to choose a present.

Even though red roses are often given as a love symbol, according to feng shui they actually represent quite the contrary. Red roses with long stems and sharp thorns would damage the relationship between you and the person who receives them rather than strengthen it. Pink roses without thorns would be a much better choice. According to feng shui, pink roses symbolize love and would help strengthening the bound between you and the person who receives them. Also, giving red and white flowers symbolize death, and therefore you should always avoid giving them as a gift.

The way you present your gifts is also important for feng shui. Ideally, you should wrap them in red, since red represents good luck and is a very auspicious color. Other good colors for wrapping your gifts are orange, yellow, golden and any other bright or cheerful color which represents a positive wish.