Feng Shui Wealth Baskets & How To Use Them

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The practice of feng shui is more complex than meets the eye, but if you take one step at a time wealth could be yours.

A Feng Shui Wealth Basket is a container filled with positive symbolic items to maximize your luck in order to achieve monetary success and gains. Once filled and placed correctly, a Wealth Pot or Wealth Basket in your home can help bring financial security to you and your family.

It’s much easier to purchase them online but if you’d like to try making up your own, here is the way to go about it.

Your Feng Shui Wealth Basket can be as elaborate or as plain as you like (as long as it has a lid) – it’s the contents that are important.

1. The vase or container should be ceramic or porcelain with similar sized neck and base and a firm cover. If porcelain, it should be white; if ceramic it should be of any color except black and dark brown.

2. Obtain 3 Chinese coins and tie with gold ribbon – this symbolizes the multiplication of material status tenfold.

3. Next, 5 pieces of different colored silk material (blue, red, green, yellow and white).

4. 10 crystal chips such as amethyst, carnelian, rutilated quartz, turquoise, rose quartz, aventurine, clear quartz, jasper or other crystal.

5. A small sample of each: barley, millet, rise, sorghum and red lentil placed in silk bags with yellow ribbon.

6. A bag containing 10 coins.

7. Cover the vase with white silk material and tie with 5 silk ribbons of different colors: red, green, yellow, white and blue.

So that the Qi can move freely, once every year you should empty out the contents of your basket and wipe down with a damp cloth and return to the basket.

Placement of your Feng Shui Wealth Basket is all important and in a large part depends on your own personal Feng Shui map.

To find your Feng Shui Direction:

1. Add together the digits of your birth (eg 1963 is 1+9+6+3 =19). Divide the total by 9, giving you an answer of 2 with 1 remaining.

2. Males – subtract the remainder from 11 e.g. 11 – 1 = 10. If the resultant number is higher than 9, subtract 9 from the resultant number (e.g. 10 – 9 = 1). Females add 4 to your remainder e.g. 1 + 4 = 50 If you get 5 as your orientation number and you are female, change your number to 8. If you are male, change your number to 2. The number 5 is the number of the Chinese elements and the middle number of the magic square and is reserved
for the number symbolizing earth. If your calculation results in zero, choose 9 as your orientation number.

3. What does your orientation number mean? If you get 1, 3, 4, or 9 your orientation is east and the following directions are favorable: east, southeast, south and north. So, in the above example a male born in 1963 has an eastern orientation. He would place his Wealth Basket in the eastern portion of the desk where he does his accounting. However, a female born in 1963 has a western orientation. If you get 2, 6, 7 or 8 your orientation is west and the following directions are favorable west, northwest, southwest and northeast.

NB: If you birthday falls at the beginning of the year, check the Chinese calendar to see whether your year of birth is really the previous year by Chinese reckoning. For example, if you were born on 5 January 1965, your year of birth is 1964 because the Chinese year of 1964 ends on 1 February 1965.

Do not place your wealth basket in the kitchen, toilet or on the floor.

If you can’t find any of the items for the basket, try substituting something very close. For example, three coins of your own currency. It’s really the thought that counts!