Feng Shui Tips When Buying A New Home

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The best way to have a feng shui harmonized house is by having it in mind from the moment of buying it. Many of the feng shui problems that houses have could be avoided if their owners had considered feng shui principles at the time of buying it. Actually, the unbalance problems which are most difficult to overcome for a feng shui practitioner are those which have their roots on the house structure and on factors that could have been avoided by choosing another house.

First of all you should consider any possible poisoning arrows within the house. If the house you wish to buy contains many sharp edges, triangular shapes, and any other arrows which might be either inside or outside the house. Poisoning arrows can be very bad for the inhabitants of a building and hurt many of their life areas.

Then, you must evaluate the house surroundings. If there is a road ending in front of your house or pointing towards it you should discard the house from your buying choices. Anything that symbolizes cutting or hitting the house is a menace and would cause damage in the house feng shui as well as in its inhabitants.

You should also pay attention to the house level. It should always be at the same level with the ground and never lower than it. You should avoid buying a house that is lower than the road or ground level since it could cause the effect of sinking its inhabitants down with it. Therefore, you should always try to buy a house that is either at the same level than the ground or higher.

Your house should be friendly with its environment and other surrounding buildings. If the house contains poisoning arrows or any menacing shape or object towards a neighbor house, this would bring you problems with your neighbors. You should also pay attention to the house front land. Ideally, it should be an open space or garden. You should avoid houses with trees right in front of the house entrance.