Feng Shui Tips & Tricks

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Feng shui is an ancient and wise approach to the way our environment affects us. The way we feel and the way we act is affected in a great amount by the environment which surrounds us. Therefore, by learning how to properly organize what surrounds us, we can improve our lives, and that is what feng shui is about.

By organizing our environment randomly, we do not take control of how it affects us and give it the chance to become an obstacle without even realizing of it. Feng shui teaches us that the spaces where we live or work should be thoughtfully disposed in order to take the best advantage of them and make them be a help to us rather than an obstacle.

Feng shui shows us how our spaces can be designed and re-arranged in order to provide us the right balance and harmony. Simple things such as the position in which we place our desk, can become determinative to the harmony we feel in that space, and affect factors such as the concentration we may have when working in that space.

Among the most important feng shui concepts is the one of bagua. Bagua is a term employed to denominate¬†the map of feng shui¬†which is the tool we can use to evaluate each living or working space. This map’s shape is an octagon which is divided in nine different areas. Each area correspond to nine main areas of life and allow us to identify the position of each one of those areas in the space we are evaluating..

Feng shui manages five main elements which we should always have in mind when harmonizing our environment: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each one of these five elements move in a different way and make the energy of the environment vary depending on it.

The term chi denominates the energy, which is always changing and moving and depends on the five elements. Feng shui studies the way chi moves and acts as an invisible force determining the kind of energy that objects and everything that surrounds us contain.

As we can see, feng shui can provide us a very rich and wise new world to explore. By acquiring the knowledge it has to provide, we can understand and improve our environment or space, whatever its nature is. This way, feng shui allow us to improve our life style and our energy by maximizing the environment in which we are.