Feng Shui & The Twenty Four Mountains System

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The twenty four mountains is one of the main aspects which feng shui masters study regarding an environment. The Lu pan or Chinese compass is the tool which allows them to apply the twenty four mountains system to each space and learn the correlation which this system has with other feng shui information.

This system is a combination of feng shui trigrams, stems and branches and only experienced feng shui masters can read them with accuracy and properly apply the information they provide. Using the Lu Pan compass is not as easy as it might seem and it takes an important amount of knowledge and practice to be able to follow its indications regarding an environment and apply feng shui principles according to such indications.

Although there are many different Chinese and feng shui compasses which allow practitioners to apply different kinds of methodologies, all of them have in common some basic tools and systems, and the twenty four mountains is one of them. Therefore, the twenty four mountains system is one of the most followed and used by feng shui masters, no matter which one of the feng shui schools they belong to and which compass they use.

Therefore, traditional Lu Pan Compasses have some rings which all of them have and among which we can find the twenty four mountains system. The ring that belongs to the twenty four mountains system is also known as the twenty four stars in the sky, the twenty four directions or the twenty four shens.

The twenty four mountains ring has twelve branches which the Former Heaven sequence influences and which represent the twelve spirits of the Branches. Besides the Branches, this ring of the Lu Pan contains eight Heaven Stems, and the last four mountains belong to the Four Trigrams which show corner positions from the Later Heaven sequence.

The information given by feng shui Compasses and the twenty four mountains system is not easy to be understood and followed. Therefore, if you wish to apply feng shui guidelines but you do not have the amount of knowledge necessary to understand the information which the Compass gives you, it is advisable to consult an experienced practitioner or master in order to be able to properly apply what it says to any environment.