Feng Shui & The Guardian Weapons

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The guardian weapons are an ancient Chinese and feng shui item which brings prosperity and protection to those who keep it and the environment in which it is. Keeping this oriental symbolic item in the house, the office or any other space might be a great way to enhance your prosperity as well as to protect it once you have it.

The Chinese culture and their people are known by their martial skills used for self protection and the fight against evil, and this is reflected in their weapons and the meaning and symbolism which these objects have. This way, the guardian weapons have turned into symbols of security and protection for feng shui and the oriental cultures in general.

The guardian weapons are eight, which contains an important amount of symbolism since according to Chinese traditions; the number eight represents success and goal achievements in general. Therefore, keeping the guardian weapons in your house or office would help you keeping any kind of evil away from you while it would also help you attracting wealth and success.

If you wish to find a feng shui amulet or lucky charm which can protect you as well as protect your income, the guardian weapons might be one of the best choices you could make. They would protect you not only from evil but also from being robbed or spending more money than you would wish. Whatever you might need to be protected from, this Chinese amulet would provide you with the help you need.

This feng shui item can be great for you to place it near the front door of your house or office in order to allow it defend you from any evil which might try to come or invade your space. Also, you can buy the guardian weapons as feng shui lucky charms and carry them with you wherever you go in order to receive their protection while you are away from your house. Another way in which to use this Chinese item is by placing it in the car in order to receive its protection while you drive.