Feng Shui Protective Animals & Their Purpose

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Animals play a large part in the practice of feng shui and serve a number of purposes including protection. The stance of the animal will influence the results and the position they are placed in is also an important consideration. They can also be combined with other animals and elements to enhance the effect and improve results.

The early Chinese system of feng shui frequently uses small statues or imagery of certain animals as a cure or protection for negative energies and influences at home and in the office.

Bats deter evil energy and provide protection whether they are in the form of a symbol or a picture.

Cats are able to see in the dark and protect from evil spirits. They usually come in pairs – one cat inviting money and the other providing protection. The cat with its right paw up and usually having an expression of warning is the protector.

A dragon placed at your front entrance will protect your home and family. Because dragons are so active, they should never be placed in a bedroom or resting place.

Fu dogs (a combination of lion and dragon) come in pairs (male and female) and should be placed near your front door or gate. They’re also said to protect your home. Place the male on the left and female on the right.

The lion (king of the jungle) provides protection and financial strength. They too come in a pair (male and female) and should be placed at the front entrance, with male on the left (looking out) and female on the right. The eight-limbed lion, a combination of the lion (protector on earth) and the Garuda bird (protector of the sky) is very powerful in protecting against powerful enemies or legal problems.

An owl offers protection against evil spirits and health problems. They can be placed in any area of the house that you want to focus on. For wide-ranging stability and positive energy in the home and in life, place in the middle of the home or in the middle of any (or every) room for balance in any area.

The tiger is believed to be the protector of souls and is often seen in cemeteries. The white tiger is a symbol of protection but because it is so fierce, it should be kept outside.

The elephant protects against violence and burglary and has the added benefit of providing protection from disharmony. The longer the tusks the more powerful the elephant is. If the elephant has its front legs out in front, this is a warning to negative influences not to advance.

The rhinoceros will protect you against robbery and accidents and also problems at work such as backstabbing and competitors. The longer the tusk is, the more powerful the rhinoceros.

The tortoise will provide some protection and energy strengthening when placed in the back of the house, in a position behind you in the office, or in the back area of your garden.

Animals are always great to have around so having ones that protect you and don’t cost money to feed has to be a good idea!