Feng Shui Jewelry & The Elements

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From general jewelry to jewelry boxes, feng shui jewelry is an ancient way through which traditions are carried in the oriental world. For example, and according to these traditions, when a man wishes to ask a woman for marriage, he would send her a present in a feng shui jewelry box.

Feng shui jewelry can be used and chosen according to its elements and feng shui guidelines. The elements, metals and stones a jewel contains can be evaluated according to feng shui and how this ancient school reads them. This way, you can wear certain jewelry in order to add a specific element which needs to be increased in order to improve your life.

Metals and stones can be read according to feng shui representations and this would help you knowing how to use and choose your feng shui jewelry. Therefore, one first thing you should do is learn feng shui main guidelines and concepts in order to be able to apply them to your jewelry elections.

Another important thing to have into account regarding feng shui jewelry is the colors you might be able to find in them. It is important that you learn what the colors represent and which element they symbolize in order to choose the right feng shui jewelry for you and for better achieving your goals.

A feng shui jewelry box can be something very useful as well. It would help you balancing the harmony within your room or any other environment as well as it would be a decorating piece. Feng shui jewelry boxes are traditional elements in feng shui and the oriental world.

One main way you can properly use feng shui jewelry is, for example, when you need to improve a specific area of your life represented by metal and a specific color. The areas represented by metal are the need for helpful people and a career achievement, and these areas colors are blue, white and black. Therefore, if you need to improve any of these areas, wearing a metal jewelry which contains these colors would help you achieving it.