Feng Shui In A Haunted Home

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Feng shui can help you eliminating ghosts from your house. Some feng shui principles talk about why some houses can become haunted by a ghost and some others not. Whether you feel your house is haunted by a ghost or you just wish to learn about it, you should read the next paragraphs and discover some tips about it.

The way the basic elements as well as yin and yang are distributed in a house can make it be appealing or inhospitable for ghosts. Yin is a cold and dark feminine aspect while yang is the warm and active masculine one. The houses for the living people are yang and the places where ghosts inhabit are yin.

Feng shui is always trying to achieve a balance between yin and yang and make them be correct for those who inhabit every specific place. Since yin is what predominates where the dead and ghosts live, such as gravesites and cemeteries, whenever a house has too much of it ghosts feel comfortable in it.

A house containing too much yin is a dark house, with few sun light and few windows. Also, houses built over gravesites or near them are attractive for ghosts. If you use the luopan compass in a house and its needle vibrates, that indicates the presence of ghosts in that space.

There are a few feng shui guidelines that can help you eliminate a ghost from your house. First of all, you should open the windows, curtains and anything that might be blocking the sun light to come in. Besides, you should use warm colors in the house interior as well as in its exterior. If the main entrance is dark or has obstacles for people coming in, you should repaint it in clear colors and take the obstacles away.

As a general rule, a house for the living people should always be clear, clean and allowing as much sunlight coming in as possible. In a cold and dark house yin would predominate and this is a call for ghosts. Ghosts would not like to live where they don’t feel like home, and a clear and warm house with a lot of yang would make them very uncomfortable.