Feng Shui: How To Find The Center Of A Build Structure

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Finding the center of a structure is very important for feng shui since it allows determining that building directions accurately. In the next lines we will describe how to find the center of different shaped buildings. Not all shapes present the same difficulties and there are different indications to follow according to the specific shapes.

In shapes such as squares, rectangles or octagons finding the structure center is very easy. In these cases you simply should draw imaginary lines uniting the structure edges, and the point where the lines cross is the center of the structure. Once you find the center, then you have the specific spot where to find the directions.

If you need to find the center of an oval or circular structure, you should imagine them as being into a square and then follow the same indications mentioned above. The point where the imaginary lines meet is the structure center and then you are ready to find the exact directions of that structure.

The most difficult centers to find are those which belong to irregular shaped structures. In these cases, we should enclose the structure in a square or rectangle which compensates the irregular shape. This should be done by trying to make the imaginary square or rectangle accompany the structure shape as much as possible, and then the same procedure indicated above should be followed.

In case the structure has an L shape, you should split it into rectangular shapes and then find each one\’s center. Once you have those centers, you should connect them through an imaginary line and find the whole structure\’s center at a balanced spot of that line. In case one of the rectangles or squares is bigger than the other, you should locate the center balancing that difference.

The indications described above are suitable for a house or building as well as for each room in it. In order to follow feng shui guidelines as accurately as possible, you should discover the center of the building as a whole as well as for each different area within it and then apply feng shui principles according to all that information.