Feng Shui & Geopathic Stress

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Alpha human brainwaves vibrate at an almost identical range to the electromagnetic frequency of the earth which is of about 7.83 Hz. Our bodies are used to this similitude of frequencies and we actually need it to be maintained in order to be healthy. These electromagnetic frequencies are naturally created by the earth, but at the same time, they are often disturbed by other natural factors as well as by artificial elements.

Whenever the earth electromagnetic frequency varies from the usual 7.83 Hz, this affects human brainwaves and organisms in such a way that it could actually cause them to have serious health problems. The way in which a variation in the earth frequency affects the human organism is what is called geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress can make our immune system become weaker and therefore we could easily become sick or suffer a degenerative disease. Our organism need to be in frequency with the earth and the elements which surround it since that is the way in which it should naturally be. This way, it is very important to detect a situation of geopathic stress and fix it in order to avoid any chance of having our health damaged.

Variations in the electromagnetic energy frequency range of the earth can happen due to several different factors. Among such factors we can find underground water and streams, caverns, tunnels, and electric energy related elements. Besides those factors, the presence of elements such as oil or coal in great amounts can be a cause of geopathic stress as well. Therefore, if your house contains any of the mentioned factors near it; you should consult a dowser or a geopathic stress specialist who can tell you what the situation of the building is.

Feng shui has been working on geopathic stress from the time it started due to the fact that the co relation between the earth and human beings are its roots. The way in which the earth elements and the energy which is formed by their interaction are what feng shui is constantly trying to harmonize in order to help earth energy flow in natural coexistence with the human organism.