Feng Shui Dragons & Their Symbolism

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Dragons are some of the most traditional and representative Chinese elements. Feng shui dragons knowledge allow people to use their symbolism in order to add equilibrium and balance to the space they live in. In China, dragons representations can be seen everywhere, they are one of the main elements of the Chinese culture and landscape.

Ancient Chinese tradition tells that dragons can control the climate and natural aspects which human beings don’t have the power to dominate. Natural activities such as wind, rain or clouds can be controlled by dragons. This aspect makes a feng shui dragon very symbolic element for those having agriculture related businesses.

Feng shui dragons symbolize the masculine energy known as “yang”. This is a strong force that carries creativity and activity. A feng shui dragon would symbolize success in any achievement as well as prosperity, and these effects can be maximized depending on where the feng shui dragon is placed.

Besides, dragons also represent the east, and therefore an ideal house area for placing a feng shui dragon would be the east side of the house or work environment. Placing it there would empower its positive effects helping those who occupy that space to become successful and prosperous.

At the time of choosing a place for a feng shui dragon, it is important to have in mind the fact that it symbolizes activity. Therefore, it should never be placed in a bedroom or any other room where relaxation and resting must be respected. On the other hand, this characteristic makes it ideal for being placed at rooms where activity and energy are highly needed.

According to Chinese traditions, dragons also symbolize number nine, and that is why you would probably find many feng shui dragons containing that number. Number nine, according to Chinese ancient traditions, is a number of luck and having it symbolized in the dragon would attract good luck to those keeping it.

Feng shui dragons also symbolize protection, fertility and immortality. These aspects, added to the ones already detailed, must be taken into account when placing a feng shui dragon in a house or work office. Feng shui dragons can be strategically placed according to those representations in order to maximize their effects.