Feng Shui Deities & Their Importance

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Feng shui (pronounced “foung shway”) can have both positive and negative effects on your life. Feng shui deities (or Gods) are thought to be the greatest forms of enhancers and protectors. It’s said that they have the power to protect you from any negative effects of Feng shui. At the same time, they have the effect of enhancing other beneficial aspects in your life.

Different deities and gods can be used and even placed collectively to take advantage of effects. In general, they ought to be placed at a respectable height, not on the ground. Most feng shui practitioners will keep them on a desk or elevated position such as a bookshelf or wall unit.

If you could use a little help from above, you might like to consider strategically positioning some of the ones described below in your home.

Deities within feng shui:

Kuan Kung: God of War

Best position – entrances and exits, your business premises, desks, wealth sectors, unfavorable sectors.

Primary purpose: Kuan Kung will protect the honorable from all forms of evil and injury. His military brilliance will guide you in ways to be successful and conquer obstacles while being ready for fight if considered necessary.

Ji Gong: Kindly Mad Monk

Best position – living area, work tables, shelves, success sector, and favorable sectors.

Primary purpose: Ji Gong will view your problems from a different angle and find an unconventional way for you to conquer your obstacles/difficulties. His fame stems from his support of the humble and giving problems to the dishonest and domineering superiors.

Ma Zhu: Goddess of Journey

Best position – shelves in the living area, drawers, personal tables, travel bags, car dashboard.

Primary purpose: Ma Zhu will bring safety and luck to those embarking on a voyage, be it of a physical, spiritual or personal nature.

Kwan Yin: Goddess of Mercy

Best position – living area, work area, favorable directions, unfavorable directions, room entrances.

Primary purpose: Kwan Yin will attract serenity to your home, and will bring you an ability to enjoy a stress-free life.

Chung Kwei: Guardian of Harmony

Best position – living area.

Primary purpose: Chung Kwei serves three purposes: a wealth enhancer, the family guardian, and to confine destructive spirits/entities.

Hotei: Laughing Buddha

Best position – living area, entrance, work areas, areas of rest and recuperation and favorable sectors.

Primary purpose: to provide a constant flow of favourable news and wealth.

Eight Immortals: The Legend

Best position – living area, work area and any decision making areas.

Primary purpose: the Eight Immortals are said to bring you good physical and mental health, and happiness.

Fuk Luk Sau: Health, Wealth and Happiness

Best position – living or dining room or any room where the family spends a large amount of time together.

Primary purpose: to enhance all good aspects of your life: longevity (desires and life), health (mental & physical), and wealth (material and personal).

Remember, deities require respect so don’t use yours as a door stop! Position him or her at a respectable height to keep them happy if you want them on your side!