Feng Shui Cures & How To Use Them

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Feng shui metal cures allow us to fight bad energy in any space or environment. Feng shui cures are mainly done based on the five main elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal. These cures look for achieving a lost balance at a specific point or fixing energy problems.

Metal cures are specially indicated for fighting the bad energies brought by the black star 2 and the yellow star 5 from the flying stars chart. These stars can bring bad health, accidents, and all kind of tragedies to those living in the space where they have power. The element metal would make these stars bad energy loose power and strength.

The black star 2 and the yellow star 5 are earth stars. The element metal consumes the bad energy of the element earth, and that is why metal cures are used in order to fight these stars. Particularly, the star 2 black can cause sickness and diseases, while the star 5 yellow can cause accidents and even fatal tragedies in some cases. Metal cures would fight these stars and prevent people from suffering their effects.

There are some metal objects and items which are specifically indicated for metal cures and fighting these stars bad effects. One of these objects can be a metal toad which would be ideal for an office or working environment since it is auspicious for businesses.

Another metal cure related object is the Precious Gourd which is a traditional Chinese object that symbolizes longevity and protects from bad energy. You can also use the three coins tied with a red ribbon which is one of the most used metal objects, which not only would help you fighting these stars bad energy but would also bring wealth to the environment in which it is.

In order to make a proper metal cure against these stars, the first thing you should do is find where they are in your house at that specific moment according to the flying stars chart. Once you know where they are, you simply need to place the metal object where the stars are and that wouldn’t let their bad energy affect you.