Feng Shui Candles & Their Importance

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The color of a feng shui candle has a main importance when it comes to the effects it would have and the elements it represents. According to feng shui guidelines, colors symbolize different things, and a feng shui candle should follow these principles as well. Colors and shapes represent different elements and the places you choose for your candle determines the effect it will have as well.

Through this article, we will detail what each specific feng shui candle color symbolizes and the properties it has. As for example, a yellow feng shui candle symbolizes the earth and is used in order to achieve harmony in a union or relationship. This means, that for example, if you are looking for a relationship harmonization, you would help that to happen by using a yellow candle.

A red feng shui candle represents the element fire and is used in order to achieve reputation and fame. On the other hand, a white candle can represent and symbolize two different things. First, a white candle symbolizes heaven and represents helpful friends, teachers and goal reaching. And secondly, a white candle can also symbolize a lake and represent joy, kids and the illumination of creativity.

A last important feng shui candle color is the orange and it can be given three different uses. First, it symbolizes a mountain and represents wisdom and peacefulness. A second use an orange feng shui candle can have is in order to achieve wealth and growth, symbolizing the sun. And lastly, an orange candle also represents water and helps improve career and work life in general.

Placing a feng shui candle strategically by following the bagua map indications may be a good way to improve the harmony in any living or working space. A candle would add balance and improve different life areas according to what they represent as well as to where they are placed. You should also pay attention to the candle shape and choose it according to the element and environment in which it will be.