Feng Shui Bathroom Guidelines

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There are several guidelines referring to how a feng shui bathroom orientation and distribution should be. It is a room to which people tend not to pay attention when it comes to feng shui, but it actually is a very important space which has big influence on the rest of the house and the harmony within it.

Feng shui bathroom guidelines are very important since this room has a direct relation with cleansing and the basic element water. This aspect takes us to the first feng shui bathroom related tip: the bathroom should be in the north area of the house or towards its back. This is due to the fact that the element of the north area of the house is water, and this room would provide plenty of that element to it.

Another very important feng shui bathroom principle to have into account tells that the bathroom should not be able to be seen from main door of the house. Besides, this room shouldn\’t be directly facing a bedroom or the kitchen nor sharing their walls, these things would bring bad energy to the house occupants.

If you have a two floor house, your bathroom mustn\’t be located right above the main house door or its wall. Feng shui bathroom-related guidelines also say that toilet seats and doors should always be closed, and it is also recommended to place a stone on the toilet seat or a wind chime by the window in order to avoid bad energy.

There are also some feng shui bathroom tips related to the use of colors. Ideally, you should use earth colors, which can be brown shades or yellow. This way, the earth element would absorb the water element keeping it in the room and allowing its beneficial effects to remain in the house and be continuous for the people living in it.

It is also important that the bathroom window is not directly in front of the door. According to feng shui bathroom guidelines, this would not be beneficial for the flow of energy. Besides, it is also important that the toilet and the bathtub have some space between them or that would not allow chi to flow as it should.