Feng Shui & Astrology: How Do They Mix?

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Feng shui and astrology mix at many points. For example, they become mixed through calculations based on personal numbers. Feng shui and astrology have the Chinese horoscope in common, and provide valuable information about the different areas of our lives. Whatever aspect you need information and improvement on, feng shui and the Chinese horoscope can help you with it.

Feng shui astrology has the same basis as feng shui itself; it is based on yin and yan principles, chi and positive energy balance and the five main elements which are water, fire, earth, wood and metal. All these aspects can be found at the union point between feng shui and astrology.

The Chinese horoscope is based on some of the same ancient Chinese calculations that feng shui follows, such as the ones provided by the kua numbers and the luo shu. Besides, this horoscope is based on the main five feng shui elements, and the look for balance between them is a main Chinese horoscope aspect.

Chinese astrology can help people finding solutions for their problems and reaching goals through the application of feng shui guidelines. By looking for the five elements balance, a proper chi flowing and an understanding of yin and yang principles, a person can follow feng shui astrology in order to understand and improve his situation in life.

The kua numbers and luo shu calculations are also part of feng shui astrology and can help people improving their lives by following their guidance. These numbers and calculations can provide very accurate and valuable information on us and how to reach the right balance and harmony. They can also allow you to know which dates are better for specific activities and which are not.

As you can see, feng shui and astrology have important points of union. Either through feng shui itself or through the Chinese horoscope, you can find valuable information and guidelines regarding your life quality and how to improve it. Feng shui and all that is related to it intends to help people achieving their goals and reaching the right harmony in their lives.