Everything You Need To Know About Feng Shui Fountains

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Have you ever thought of placing a feng shui fountain in the middle of your living room? Well, according to feng shui it might actually be what you should do! A feng shui fountain can be exactly what you need to equilibrate an environment, depending on its position according to the bagua map and how elements are distributed in it.

According to the bagua map and the elements distribution within an environment, a feng shui fountain might be required in order to balance the energy in it. It might need to be placed in a spot you have never thought of according to esthetics, but that could change the whole harmony within that specific space.

A feng shui fountain is basically a fountain used according to feng shui principles and indications. The place you pick up to place a fountain would determine it to be a feng shui fountain when you do so in order to create harmony or to balance the environment.

According to the bagua map, the places where a feng shui fountain would best fit are the family area as well as the helpful people one. The water element, represented through the fountain, would correctly balance the environment and maximize its potential to the people in it.

The fountain’s shape must be taken into account as well. A feng shui fountain should ideally be round or oval shaped. A square shaped fountain or one which has pointing edges would minimize the water element effect, while round shapes represent it in a more proper way.

The most important thing that you should have into account at the time of placing a feng shui fountain in any space is the way it combines with the other basic elements and the way it affects the chi. All this elements should be balanced and the fountain should never break the harmony but collaborate with it.

A water fountain, placed according to feng shui guidelines and in harmony with the elements surrounding it, can be not only a balancing object but also a beautiful addition to the space in which it is placed. Therefore, you can see how a feng shui fountain is an element worth to be taken into account at the time to decorate or re-arrange an environment.