Everything To Know About The King Money Frog

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The king money frog is a Chinese mythical creature which, according to the tradition, when there is full moon it appears near the houses in which good news will be soon received. These good news most of the times would refer to monetary incomes in general and bring wealth related auspicious information.

The name of this mythical creature is due to the fact that it carries the pa kua on its back and below its crown. The frog symbolizes wealth while the pa kua symbolizes protection, and therefore, this king money frog symbolizes the unity of those life aspects bringing them both to those who keep this creature into their homes. The king of money would help you enhancing your house money income and then protecting it as well.

The king money frog is usually depicted sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots which add to the wealth symbolism which the frog itself already has. Therefore, this feng shui item is ideal for those who wish to attract wealth as well as they wish to protect their money income.

Besides than attracting wealth and providing protection, the king money frog also helps its owner getting rid of any bad luck which might be causing him monetary problems. If you feel like you are spending too much money or you are having to much inconveniences which take money to be solved, acquiring a king money frog could help you ending up with such problems. Due to the uniqueness of its powers and symbolism, the king money frog can help solving any money related problems which people might go through.

The proper place for the king money frog to be placed is in the living room or a business’ main room, and specifically at the corner which is diagonally opposite to the entrance door. This place is ideal since corners are a place where chi concentrates and therefore they are a strategic spot for the chi flow of the room. This way, the king money frog would receive a direct influence and strength given by the concentration of chi energy.