Everything To Know About Kwan Yin, The Goddess of Compassion

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Kwan Yin is a Chinese Goddess of mercy and compassion. It is used by feng shui practitioners to strengthen love bonds by placing it in the love bagua map area. This goddess brings compassion and love to every place where she is, and its power can be maximized by placing it at strategic spots.

Besides, Kwan Yin is also used by feng shui practitioners to attract wealth and improve the income which enters into a house. In order to achieve this, practitioners usually place a Kwan Yin in the prosperity bagua map area or at any other symbolic spot of the environment in which they wish to enhance its inhabitants’ money income.

According to Chinese traditions, the Goddess Kwan Yin has very important virtues besides her compassion and mercy which are justice, wisdom, courage and modesty. Feng shui also takes into account these virtues according to what is needed to be improved in every specific house or environment.

The goddess Kwan Yin is also known as the protector or guardian of the new born. She takes care of them and helps them overcome any health difficulties they might have to go through. She is the guardian of their souls and accompanies those who surround them with compassion and mercy. For example, if a person is going through health problems, a feng shui practitioner would recommend having a Kwan Yin near this person or at the health area of his home. This way, the goddess would help the sick person as well as she would be protective with his family.

Most of the times, Kwan Yin is depicted holding a base which is meant to contain tears of compassion. Her other hand is usually raised in a gesture of protection. She is meant to keep people safe and accompany them when they go through any problems, providing them with her protection and being compassionate with them. Many times, Kwan Yin is placed at homes or offices in order to attract peacefulness and tranquility not only when a person is going through a specific problem but whenever relaxation and peace of mind is needed as well.