Everything To Know About Feng Shui Bamboo

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The feng shui bamboo plant is known as lucky bamboo due to its good luck qualities. According to feng shui, the lucky bamboo brings prosperity and fortune to those who keep it and to the environment in which it is. This makes it ideal for a business or for a house spot where money is kept as well as for strategic places indicated by the bagua map.

This plant’s botanical name is Dracaena, and it is characterized by being very easy to maintain. The luck bamboo only needs to have new water once a week and doesn’t need sunlight or any other requirements to survive and be healthy. It is a strong plant, which could live for many years by just having its water replaced.

According to feng shui, the lucky bamboo plant not only attracts good luck but is also good for attracting chi to any specific spot where it does not flow. And if you place it where chi does circulate, it would help you keep it flowing freely and permanently through the whole environment surrounding it. Due to this chi attraction, it has also energizing qualities which make it ideal for being placed near a person whose health needs to be improved.

This plant is also visually attractive. It is of a jade color and is strong yet flexible. Besides, it can grow in almost any place you may need it to be, from a very dark spot to a place where it would receive a great amount of direct sunlight. It is ideal for dark spots which need to be lightened up. A lucky bamboo plant would solve the problems brought by any dark spot for which feng shui indicates the need of light and chi flow attraction.

As you can see, you would receive many benefits from placing a lucky bamboo in your house or office. This bamboo plant would attract fortune and prosperity to it at the same time than helping chi to flow better. And you would be adding a nice looking plant which would bring a color and life touch to it without taking you much effort to keep it healthy.