Enhancing Your Love & Relationships Using Feng Shui

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According to feng shui and Chinese culture knowledge, some items might help those who keep them enhancing their love relationships. These love enhancement items must be chosen accurately and placed in specific spots in order to produce the desired effect. We will describe some of them through the next lines.

Some of the most powerful love enhancement items are the ones made of rose quartz. Quartz maximizes the power of tenderness and peace, and rose color is the most influential in any love matter. Therefore, rose quartz items, such as jewelry or other specific objects might provide a great way to enhance a love relationship. The ideal place for these objects to be is in the bedroom in order to make the bond between a couple stronger or in the living room in order to improve family love bonds.

Objects shaped as hearts are excellent love enhancers. Keeping a couple of hearts made of rose quartz in the bedroom would be one of the most powerful ways to help strengthen the bond of a couple. Hearts made of other materials can be very auspicious as well. For example, you could have a couple of heart shaped cushions or pillows over the bed or anywhere else in the bedroom.

Another very powerful love enhancement item is a representation of the dragon and phoenix together. When represented together, these creatures symbolize the eternal union of a man and a woman. The dragon and phoenix represent yin and yang which contain female and male forces respectively, and which complement each other. Whether you wish to strengthen the bond of an already formed couple or attract a soul mate, a representation of the dragon and phoenix might be a great help.

Whatever the love enhancement item you choose is, you should always pay attention to where you place it. The ideal area for them to be is in your bedroom, and if possible by the southwest area of it. Southwest is the feng shui love area; therefore, that particular spot of your bedroom might be the most powerful in love enhancement. Besides, you should also pay attention to the southwest area of the house and place a love enhancement item in it as well.