Dzi Beads and Their Tibetian & Chinese Origins

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A dzi bead is a Tibetan and Chinese spiritual element which protects those who carry it with them. Its roots are somehow mysterious, since it is not completely clear when are where they first started to be manufactured. They are simple and colorful beads, which might contain elaborate designs as well as basic ones. Their symbolism varies depending on their color, shape and design.

One of the most known Dzi beads is a very uncommonly one called sheep’s eyes. This dzi bead doesn’t have the regular shape but a rather edgy one and represents eyes or moon shapes. The sheep’s eyes dzi bead is meant to protect the person who owns it from the evil eye.

Original dzi beads were patterned with strange and mystical drawings, lines and eyes, and although nowadays many other different patterns can be seen, beads containing such patterns are the most wanted. These beads are kept and used as amulets and wore as jewelry with symbolic and protection purposes. They are also used for feng shui consultants according to their elements and symbolism in order to create balance.

According to ancient Tibetan traditions, jewelry and beads are used to fight against evil and protect people from bad spirits and devils. Beads colors have a symbolic meaning as well, which is very valuable for feng shui as since those colors represent some of the different main elements.

Dzi beads can be found as part of different jewelry, but in their origins they were mainly added on necklaces as well as directly on women’s hair as ornament. Jewelry has a main importance in Tibetan cultures since it shows and symbolizes the place a person occupies in society. Dzi beans are part of this symbolism as part of different jewelry which will represent different social positions.

The dzi beads belong to the etched beads family. Specifications and dzi bean models would vary from one Tibetan region to another but they all have some roots in common which make them discernible from other regions’ beans. Dzi beans are agates or chalcedonies etched in patterns of eyes, circles, squares, waves and stripes.