Chung Kwei & Protection From Evil

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According to ancient traditions, Chung Kwei is a deity which protects people and places from demons and evil spirits. He looks according to his task; his eyes look very angry, he has an extremely long beard and keeps a menacing sword; his general aspect is very awful and repulsive.

This ancient deity fights evil by using two main weapons: a sword and a fan. Chung Kwei uses a sword to combat his enemies and defeat them, and he uses a fan when he needs to keep them away. Besides those weapons, his aspect also helps him defeat the evil enemies due to its extremely scary appearance.

Chung Kwei also contains symbolic elements within his weapons and outfit. His fan has a Chinese inscription which invites to happiness and peacefulness to defeat evil. Besides, he carries peaches that represent immortality and long life for those around him. He also carries red symbolic clothes which attract happiness and prosperity for his place.

Having a Chung Kwei representation in your house would keep evil away from it and from damaging you. It would help you overcoming problems and obstacles as well as preventing bad energies from affecting you. Placing this image in your office would keep jealousy away from it and from harming you.

Due to its capabilities, Chung Kwei is known to be one of the most used feng shui cures. It is also ideal for fighting the negative energies brought by the yellow star 5. It is also important to have into account that summer is the season in which bad luck becomes most powerful, and therefore it is the best moment for you to place a Chung Kwei image in your home.

In order to properly fight evil and prevent bad energy from causing you problems, Chung Kwei should be placed close to the main door where he can control who comes into that space as well as take care of those who inhabit it. This way, Chung Kwei would not only fight any evil that may try to affect you but also prevent bad energy from reaching you and the space where he is.