Choy San Yeh: The Military God Of Wealth

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Choy San Yeh is an ancient Chinese military god of wealth. It symbolizes prosperity and richness, and help people attracting those characteristics to their living or working spaces when being placed at them. Besides attracting wealth, it can assure you of a constancy of income.

This wealth god wears dragon clothes and is usually next to a tiger. He carries a gold ingot and tied coins in his right hand, both of them very important wealth symbols and attractors. He also carries precious symbols in his left arm and his face expression transmits strength.

Usually, there are coffers full of gold and precious objects around Choy San Yeh as well as the objects he carries with himself. He is often depicted with children around him since, according to ancient Chinese traditions; there is no other treasure as precious as them. As you can see, Choy San Yeh is not only a wealth symbol by himself but also carries many other feng shui wealth symbols with him as well, making him be an extremely powerful amulet.

Choy San Yeh is one of the most powerful wealth attractor objects you could find. By having it in a strategic spot, either in your house or working space, you can call prosperity for you as well as for any others who may inhabit it. It can also be a great gift to give, since its power becomes stronger when it is received as a present.

The proper way to place a Choy San Yeh is in front of the main door but, ideally, without directly facing it. He should always be placed in the living room and on a table which allows him to have a prominent position, never on a low level or on the floor. A great place for him to be is in a living room corner that is indirectly in front of the front door.

On the other hand, you should never place a Choy San Yeh in your bedroom since that might attract bad luck instead of wealth. Besides, you should avoid placing him next to other gods or deities since that would lower his power and insult him and the other gods too.