Choosing Your Car Color According To Your Kua Number

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When it comes to buying a car, there are many factors to consider regarding model, type and accessories. But, although it might seem not as important as other aspects, choosing a car color can be more difficult than we had thought. Therefore, if you are having trouble on choosing a color and wish to chose it in the most favorable way, you can do so according to feng shui recommendations.

In order to choose your car color following feng shui principles, you must do so according to your personal kua number. If you are a female, you can discover your kua number by adding the two last digits of your birth year and adding 5 to that number; if you are a male you should add the last two digits of your birth year and then subtract that number from 10. Whenever the adding gives you a result which contains two digits you should add them in order to reduce them to only one digit.

Each personal kua number represents an element, and each element is symbolized by different colors. Therefore, once you have found your kua number, you can choose your car color according to the color which represents your personal element and improve your life harmony through it.

If your kua number is 1, your element is water and the colors representing it are blue and black. This way, if your number is one you should chose blue or black for your car color. If your kua number is 2, your element is earth and your car should be either yellow or brown.

Next, a person whose kua number is either 3 or 4 is represented by the element wood and should choose a shade of green for his car. A person whose kua number is 5 is represented by the element earth and therefore should choose a car that is either yellow or brown.

The kua numbers 6 and 7 are both represented by the element metal and indicate white, gold and silver as ideal car color choices. The kua number 8 corresponds to earth and recommends either color yellow or brown for a car choice, and the number 9 corresponds to the element fire and the best car color choices for a person represented by this number are red, orange or pink.