Chinese Gold Ingots & Their Symbolism

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Gold ingots were originally used in ancient China as a currency, and we can say that in their roots they were somehow analogous to our nowadays gold bars. Gold ingots were originated by Chinese emperors in order to have a currency suitable for their dynasties’ transactions. They used to have a shape comparable to a boat, being this symbolic of the richness transportation from one point or person to another.

These days, gold ingots carry big symbolism and are mainly used with that purpose in mind. Besides their symbolic aspect, they are often used by feng shui consultants in order to add the element metal where necessary for balance and harmony. Whether they are used according to feng shui or just according to their symbolism, gold ingots are widely known and used in Chinese cultures around the world as well as they are becoming very popular in many others.

Gold ingots symbolize wealth, abundance and prosperity. Actually, they are seen as the main prosperity and wealth symbolism objects. Therefore, whenever a person is looking for improving his income or his prosperity, gold ingots might be the best way to achieve it. By placing gold ingots in your house, you might attract wealth and prosperity to it as well as you might attract it directly to you if you carry them with your self.

According to feng shui, gold ingots should be placed at a strategic spot which has an important significance for money and where the element metal is necessary. For example, you should not place gold ingots in a fire element area or that might actually end up causing you problems rather than being a help. One ideal place for your gold ingots to be is the southeast since, according to feng shui, it is the area which represents wealth.

Besides the gold ingots it selves, there are many different amulets and objects which contain gold ingots as part of their design. One of the most known ones is the wealth vase, which, as its name describes, is a vase containing gold ingots as its main or only constituent.