Chi Lin: The Mythical Chinese Unicorn

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Chi Lin is a mythical Chinese creature which is similar to a unicorn. It is often known to be a dragon horse mixture since it seems to have the body of a horse and the head of a dragon. According to the traditions, looking at this creature is very auspicious and brings happiness.

The mythical Chi Lin symbolizes success, prosperity, longevity and fertility. If you are looking for doing better in your job or career, this might be the ideal feng shui symbol for you to have. If you are looking for those kinds of life improvements, you should place a Chi Lin in your working space, ideally on your desk where it can help you the most. On the other hand, if you are wishing to have a baby or to improve your health, this might be the right choice as well by keeping it in your bedroom or in the family related bagua map area.

Like it happened with the great magical turtle, the Chi Lin is said to come from the river with the mythical numeric map represented on its back. Therefore, according to Chinese mythology, this creature has magical powers which become reflected on those who keep it.

The ideal place for the Chi Lin to be placed is at the northwest area of the house, office or any environment in which it will be. This part of the house corresponds to helpful people and travel bagua map area and due to the great amount of help which this creature brings this is the best place for it to be and to provide its help in all the different life aspects in which it does.

Many times, the Chi Lins are two: a male and a female depicted together. The male Chi Lin has a horn while the female is the one which never has one. Whenever the Chi Lins are depicted together they mainly represent the family and fertility aspects, and are ideal for couples who wish to increase the family or for families who need to solve problems between their members.