Chi – Feng Shui Positive Energy

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Chi is an ancient Chinese concept that teaches that there is energy constantly flowing everywhere. This energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. Whenever chi finds obstacles for circulating we will notice it since it will directly affect our lives. Our life quality can diminish or be improved depending on how chi flows in our environments.

According to feng shui, chi should always be able to flow freely through any space in order to help us being in balance with the elements surrounding us. Chi is what brings us positive energy and allows us to be prosperous in our lives. Chi is based on the natural energy exchange which exists among everything on earth, and it shouldn’t be blocked.

This way, a person who feels upset or depressed should pay attention to the chi flow within his house. When we are feeling ill or like our life is not flowing as it should, this might be due to chi circulation problems. By spotting the obstacles that may not allow chi circulate freely and then ending up with them, we will be bringing the right fluidity to chi and to our lives along with it.

Feng shui studies how to help chi flow in the best possible way within living or working environment in order to maximize the life quality of those who inhabit those spaces. Depending on how objects are placed and distributed within environments, they help or block the natural chi circulation. Therefore, we need to make sure they are placed correctly and that is what feng shui does.

When chi is blocked by finding too many objects on its way, it might not only be unable to flow freely but it might also even become stuck at some spots. When chi is detained, the life flow of those who inhabit that space would become detained as well, making them feel they are not moving on or succeeding in achieving new goals. Feng shui helps people overcoming and preventing all these chi flow problems.