Carrying A Ru Yi & Its Advantages

The Ru Yi became a symbol of abundance and wealth since the times when it was carried by powerful Imperial Chinese officials. Since then, the Ru Yi became one of the most important Chinese symbols for everything which is related to authority, leadership and power. It can often be seen on the desk of people who have a powerful or high level position.

This symbolic item is also known by the fact of being carried by Luk, one of the three stars Fuk Luk Sau. Luk is the star which represents abundance and wealth, which becomes enhanced by the power and leadership which the Ru Yi gives him. Therefore, depending on the goals which you might wish to achieve, you can either buy a Ru Yi by itself or as a part of the three stars group.

Often, a Ru Yi is depicted with a bat next to him. The Chinese name for this bat is Pien Fu and it symbolizes health and longevity. It is considered to be a lucky object, adding good luck to the powers of the Ru Yi as well as whenever it is bought and carried by itself. Besides the bat, the Ru Yi usually also carries a scepter which symbolizes protection from bad luck and evil in general.

According to oriental cultures, the Ru Yi helps its owner achieving his career and profession related goals by allowing him to gain more power and leadership. Ideally, it should be carried as a lucky charm in order to allow its owner to have the authority and leadership he needs at any place or meeting in which he might need it. Another great way to use this feng shui item is by placing it on the desk where it can help you while you work.

Whenever authority and leadership are very important in a person’s profession, a Ru Yi might be an ideal item for him to have. If your career and position success depend on your leadership skills, you should have a Ru Yi on your desk and allow it help you improving such aspects and achieving your goals.