Buddhas & Feng Shui Happiness Attractors

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According to oriental cultures, Buddhas are objects which can help those who keep them to attract joy and happiness. Feng shui provides guidelines regarding where to place them according to the elements balance and the harmony of the environment where they will be. For example, you can place a Buddha looking towards your sheng chi direction and receive a happiness and wealth improvement as reward.

Buddhas not only can help you attracting happiness and joy, but also prosperity and wealth. They also symbolize innocent and pure joy, and help you sending sadness or discontent away from the environment where you place them. If you place them in your office or working place, these lucky charms can help you relaxing and taking problems without so much stress.

According to traditions, you should rub your Buddhas belly every day in order to help it bringing as much prosperity and joy as possible into your house. By doing this, you would be enhancing your Buddhas power and allowing it to help you attracting happiness and wealth into your house as much as possible.

The right place for Buddhas to be is at a high table or any other high level support. You should always avoid placing it on the floor or at a low level since this would disrespect him and he would not be able to produce the desired effects on his surroundings. By placing it at a high level, you are showing him respect at the same time than giving him the importance he desires which would become reflected in the effects he would produce within the environment. You can also carry a Buddha with yourself or in your car since it would help you having a happy journey.

There are many different Buddhas representations and lucky charms. For example, a griming Buddha is known to be the most auspicious one when wishing to attract happiness and joy. On the other hand, a laughing Buddha would help you enhancing your life as a whole as well as improving your monthly income and your wealth as a whole.