Benefits Of Using The Fu Dog Symbol In Feng Shui

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Fu dogs are a pair of ancient symbols which are half lion and half dragon, one of them a male and the other a female. They are intended to be placed at houses and office doors, and their task is to be guardians of those spaces. They are a recurrent symbol in China and you can see them in many Chinese buildings around the world.

These two guardians are meant to be placed at the front door of the building in order to keep an eye on who enters it. They have the ability to discover the intentions that those who come into the house have. When people with bad intentions enter a place which has fu dogs at the door, they won’t be able to cause the intended damage.

The ideal place for fu dogs to be is either outside or inside main doors, but always facing the exterior and those who enter. If they are placed by your house’s door, they would keep bad people from damaging you and your family; and if they are at your office’s door, that would ensure you that bad feelings such as jealousy or envy won’t be able to enter or affect your career. Whatever the nature of the space they are at, they would always protect you from people with bad intentions and bad energy.

Besides, the proper way to place them is the male dog at the left and the female at the right of the person who is in the house. If you place your fu dogs in the wrong order or the wrong place, they wouldn’t protect you as they should. Having the fu dogs in the middle of the room or facing inside wouldn’t protect you from people that may come in with bad intentions but rather control those who inhabit that space.

It is also important to have into account that the fu dogs also represent the yin and yang symbol. The female fu dog represents yin and the male represents yang. Therefore, this pair of symbols are a unity and should always be together in order to maintain balance in the environment around them.