Balance Your Desk With Feng Shui

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Due to the importance of your desk as the central spot of your office and work activities, there are some important feng shui guidelines meant to help you balancing your desk area and your profession. The main and most important desk related tip tells that you should never place it in such a way that your back is towards the door; you should always be able to see who enters the room without having to turn. If there are other doors, you should try to place your desk in a position which allows seeing them all.

The area of the room where your desk is placed is very important. Ideally, your desk should be placed facing south west or south since this are the career related bagua areas. If your desk is placed at the south area of the room, this will help you improving your career and professional related achievements. On the other hand, if it is placed at south west, it will help you improving your skills and gaining knowledge.

The best position for a desk to be is diagonally crossing the entrance door, in a way that allows you to see it but without being right across from it. Being right across an entrance door would make you receive any chi energy flow that enters the room, and this might have a negative effect on you since it would be difficult for you to concentrate and focus on your work.

There are some guidelines regarding your desk itself and the way objects are distributed over it. These guidelines should be done by applying the bagua map indications to the desk surface. According to this, the south area of your desk is the career related one, and therefore you should always try to keep it clear and free of objects. Keeping this area free would allow you to concentrate and work without obstacles as well as it would let advance and achievements to occupy this space.

The west and north east spots of your desk are the family and love related area, therefore you should keep a picture or objects which reminds you of your family and loved ones over those spots. Your desk’s south east area is the most appropriate for you to keep your phone or any communication technologies since it would help you having access to helpful people. The south west desk area is the best spot for you to keep any books or consulting material since, according to the bagua map, it is ideal for skills and knowledge help and improvement.