5 Feng Shui Elements: Water

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Water is one of the five main feng shui elements and is very important to know its properties at the time of looking for a proper feng shui balance within any house or work environment. Actually, the term feng shui means wind and water, so we can see water at the roots of this discipline.

According to feng shui, the wind makes chi move and flow while water has the power of retaining it. Therefore, water can turn into a very important chi attractor element and life energy source. Water can help those who use it appropriately to keep good and positive energy around it.

Living beings need water to survive and have always tended to build their living spaces near this element. It is essential for our well being and it is part of our natural balance, we can not live without having access to a water source. This reflects what feng shui is based on; it has its roots on the nature laws and on the observance of the relationship between natural elements and living beings.

As a feng shui element, it is very important at the time of attracting prosperity. Feng shui indicates the use of water whenever wealth and success needs to be called or maintained within a house or work environment. Water also strengthens relationships and helps people maintaining them through time.

According to feng shui, if you keep water sources such as fountains or ponds, the water must be clear, clean and circulating. Dirty or inactive water can attract the opposite of what water is meant to provide, and therefore bring poverty or lack of success for the place where it is.

The way in which water brings life, abundance and prosperity can be seen in the richness within lakes and seas lives. Water allows life to be created and grow, nourishing and sustaining it. Water allows life to develop within it at the same time than provides life to those beings that drink it; it is an indispensable natural element which power can bring benefits and balance within our lives besides of actually making it possible.