5 Feng Shui Elements: Metal

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Metal is the most yang of the feng shui elements and is the element most recommended in order to attract wealth and prosperity to any environment. It is very powerful and can cause a very strong effect on the other elements as well as on the living beings that surround it. Metal can be represented by any metal object as well as by the colors which symbolize it, and it is very easy to be added to a house in a way that looks both natural and decorative.

There are many feng shui remedies and solutions in which metal plays the main role. It can be used not only to attract wealth and prosperity but it is also necessary for achieving the right balance and harmony within any environment. There should be something of metal in any environment in order to harmonize it as well as add strength and power.

If you wish to add the element metal to a space, you can do so by placing many different objects in the proper area. Anything made of a metal, such as bronze, brass, silver, copper or gold would be able to help you adding this element and creating the wished balance. Some examples of metal objects that are both very decorative and easy to use at the same time could be a brass or copper pot containing a plant, a small metal statue or even a metal clock.

Metal represents autumn and the kua number 7. According to the bagua map, metal is the element of the career area. This bagua map area is at the south of a house or any other environment, and it should contain metal in order to help its inhabitants achieve their goals and be successful in their professions. Metal also represents west, which in the bagua area belongs to the family life area.

The element metal is also used in order to help people improving life areas such as power, strength, creativity, and goal achievements. The colors which represent this element are all gray shades and white, and either by adding this color or metal objects to the right spot, these life areas would become benefited.