5 Feng Shui Elements: Fire

fire, bonfire, night-123784.jpg

Fire is one of the five main feng shui elements, and it is characterized by being the one which contains more yang energy among them. Vital energy is composed by yin and yang; yin is the feminine, dark and cold energy, while yang represents aspects such as masculinity, light and heat. Therefore, due to the heat and light, there is no other element more yang than fire.

The element fire is constantly present in our lives, we use it every day and sometimes we don’t even realize we do it. We need fire to keep warm when it’s cold, for cooking; it would even help us defending ourselves from animals in the woods. It is a very strong power that must be respected; it can hurt us and cause great damage if we loose control of it.

Fire is very powerful and effective when used as a feng shui cure or remedy, so usually it doesn’t take a great amount of it to achieve the balancing purpose. Whenever it must be used to achieve the proper balance within a house or any other environment, this can be done by placing a candle or red color in it.

In order to achieve balance by adding the element fire, we don’t always need to place actual fire but we can place objects and colors representing it. All red shades represent fire and this color can be used instead of the element itself when needed since they would achieve the same effect.

In its interaction with the other elements, fire strengthens earth and reduces wood. These aspects allow many feng shui remedies to achieve their purposes and create harmony within spaces. Whenever there is too much wood element within a space and it causes problems, we can place fire and let it absorb the wood harmful effects.

When it is used correctly, the element fire can not only help us achieving the proper balance among elements, but it can also help us attracting wealth and strengthening relationships. But it must be used carefully, since if its power is wrongly applied, it can bring health problems and weaken our relationships.