5 Feng Shui Elements: Earth

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Earth is the nourishing feng shui element. It provides not only nutrition but also solidity and a base for the rest of the elements as well as for living beings. It also represents the mountains, which are very important natural elements for ancient Chinese cultures and feng shui. Earth is a fundamental element for humans as well as for any other living beings, and there can not be harmony or life without it.

According to the bagua map, earth is the element that must be placed at the center of the house or any other environment. This central area is where our health and physical well being is represented. Therefore, earth is necessary for us to achieve the balance necessary for being healthy and keep sickness away, and we should make sure there is some of this element in the central area of our house.

There are several different ways in which we can add earth element to an environment. The most used way to add earth is by the colors that represent it which are the oranges shades, brown, and yellow tones. It is also possible to add earth by adding objects which either represent it or contain it within their components such as ceramics, rocks, or terracotta ornaments.

While fire strengthens earth, earth controls fire. This relationship between fire and earth can be used as very important feng shui remedies and the achievement of balance. If you have too much fire within a space which should be kept under control, such as too many electric machines, you can place earth objects or colors and maintain fire calm.

Although for many people it seems difficult to find decorative ways to add earth element, it actually is the one which offers more possibilities and ornamental options. Any earth based element or object, such as stones and most ornaments would be useful. Every decorative object made of a stone, rock, or earth related material would represent and add earth to the environment where it is placed. Objects such as an amethyst statue or a crystal base are earth based and would help you creating harmony at the same time than adding beauty to the environment.