15 Feng Shui Tips

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15 of the most important feng shui tips for your house or working space:

1. Use the bagua map. Whatever the space you are in is, you should see how its areas are distributed according to the bagua map. This would tell you a lot about how to arrange the objects, elements and colors in the place.

2. Use a feng shui compass to gain information as accurate as possible regarding the space and its direction.

3. If you have any doubts, consult an expert and try not to make things randomly.

4. Pay attention to each house room according to its bagua life area. Your house’s different rooms will match different bagua life areas and you should distribute the objects in it according to that.

5. Use the bagua map in every room as well as in the whole house. You should also match the bagua map in every room and find out what ever part of it represents.

6. Always keep the elements in balance. The five elements are what feng shui harmony is mainly based on. You should pay main attention to them and their distribution.

7. Pay attention to how the elements are balanced in the house as a whole as well as in every room according to what the bagua map indicated for every area within it.

8. Use colors according to the elements they represent and allowing them to help you achieve the right balance.

9. Allow chi to flow freely. You should make sure chi doesn’t have obstacles to flow around each space, unless it is specifically indicated that you should. There should be space among furniture and objects allowing it to flow.

10. Enlighten dark corners. Dark corners are bad for the chi flow, and you should enlighten them whether it is with light, light colors or a plant.

11. Use symbolic objects. There are traditional Chinese objects, such as fountains or wind chimes that can be used strategically in different spots, you should learn about this and use them accordingly.

12. Pay attention to which elements each object contain. The objects you have in your house or office may contain some of the five feng shui main elements, you should use this according to the balance you are looking among the elements.

13. Your house or business decoration shouldn’t be done merely according to esthetics, but mainly based on the elements and objects balance and harmony as well as in providing comfort to those who occupy each space.

14. Try to avoid having desks or beds right across doors since that could bring bad energy flows to you.

15. The last feng shui tip we wish to give you is to read and learn as much about feng shui as you can before starting to put ideas into practice. The more you know, the better you will achieve the wished feng shui harmony.