Vrischikasana – The Scorpion Pose

Vrischikasana – The Scorpion Pose

Vrischikasana – The Scorpion Pose

What is Vrischikasana – The Scorpion Pose?

In Sanskrit ‘Vrischik’ means ‘Scorpion’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture’.

Vrischikasana Steps

1. Begin with the Child Pose, Balasana.Leave your elbows and forearms flat on the floor. Now move your head up and backwards while pushing your hips in air as you raise yourself on your toes.

2. While inhaling, move the legs upwards, just like going into a handstand pose.The legs should be balanced and aligned over the head.

3. While exhaling, by bending your knees, let your feet fall and extend in front of your head.

4. Remain in this position for about 20 seconds. Breathe deeply and slowly. Your gaze can be focused on the floor below. Make sure your upper arms remain perpendicular to the floor and forearms flat.

5. In order to exit gracefully, slowly bring your legs down and return to Child pose. You may repeat the procedure again.

Vrischikasana Benefits

1. It provides strength to shoulders, spine and abdominals.

2. It improves the body stability and overall sense of balance.

3. It stretches the chest, neck and spine.

4. It calms the mind.

Vrischikasana Dos and Don’ts

If you suffer from wrist injury or shoulder or spine injury then also you should avoid this asana.

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