Setu Bandhasana – The Bridge Pose

Setu Bandhasana – The Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

What is Setu Bandhasana?

In Sanskrit ‘Setu’means ‘Bridge’, ‘ Bandha’ means ‘Lock’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture’.

Setu Bandhasana Steps

1. Lie on your back on the yoga mat on the floor and bend your knees and place the feet flat on the floor hip width apart. Place the arms beside the body with the palms facing down. The fingertips should be touching the heels.

2. Press the feet into the floor, inhale and lift the hips up, rolling the spine off the floor. Squeeze the knees together to keep the knees hip width apart.

3. Press down into the arms and shoulders to lift the chest up. Engage the legs, bottom and mula bandha to lift the hips higher.

4. Breathe and hold for 4 to 8 breaths.

5. To release, exhale and slowly roll the spine back to the floor.

Setu Bandhasana Benefits

1. It strengthens legs, back, neck and chest.

2. It relaxes whole body.

3. It reduces stress.

4. It calms the brain and reduces anxiety.

5. It cures back pain.

6. It improves digestion.

7. It cures insomnia.

8. It maintains normal blood pressure.

9. It improves blood circulation.

Setu Bandhasana Dos and Don’ts

One should avoid this asana if they suffer from chronic knee, shoulder or back injury.

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