Yoga Asanas For Diabetic Patients

Yoga asanas for Diabetic Patients

Yoga Asanas For Diabetic Patients

With more and more people getting affected by diabetes, doctors and scientists are trying to find newer methods to treat this disease. To control one’s blood sugar one of the holistic methods is to do exercise. Yoga is one such holistic exercise.

Exercise helps to reduce your blood glucose. Exercise also helps to improve blood circulation, particularly in legs and arms where diabetic patients encounter problems. It’s an excellent way to remove stress away and keep one’s glucose levels down.

How yoga helps to fight diabetes?

Regular practice of yoga can help in reducing the blood sugar along with lowering the blood pressure. It also helps in keeping your weight in check slowing the rate of disease.

Stress is one of the major reasons of diabetes. It increases the secretion of glucagon. The consistent practice of yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation can help in reducing stress. It reduces glucagon and improves the action of insulin.

1. Pranayama: Breathing in slowly and breathing out gives oxygen to the body and mind. It relaxes one’s mind.

The technique is as follows: Sit in padmasana on a yoga mat. Now erect your back and make your chin parallel to the floor. Place your hands on the knees with hands facing outwards. Close your eyes. Breathe in deep and hold your breath for five counts. Exhale slowly. Repeat this process 10 times. Once you are done rub your palms together and place them on your eyes.

2. Setubandhasana: This pose keeps one’s blood pressure under control, relaxes the mind and helps in improving digestion. It also stretches the neck and spinal cord.

The technique is as follows: Lie down on your yoga mat. Now exhale and push up off the floor with your feet. Raise your body up so that your neck and head are flat on the mat and the rest of the body is in the air.

Caution: Avoid doing this asana if you have a neck or back injury.

3. Balasana: It helps in relieving stress and fatigue. It also stretches the hips, thighs and ankles. It is a great remedy for lower back pain.

The technique is as follows: Sit on the yoga mat with your weight on your knees. Now sit on your heels. Spread your thighs apart a little. Bend forward from your waist. Let your stomach rest on your thighs and extend your back. Now stretch out your arms in front of you in elongation with your back. You can also rest your forehead on the floor. Stay in this pose for at least 2-3 minutes.

Caution: Don’t do this asana if you are pregnant, have a knee injury or have diarrhoea.

4. Vajrasana: This asana relaxes the mind and improves digestion.

The technique is as follows: Kneel on the yoga mat and let the top surface of your heels touch the mat. Now gently place your bottoms on your heels. Now place both your palms on your knees, facing downwards. Close your eyes and keep your breath on a steady rate.