Surya Namaskar – Yoga,Benefits, Steps, Weight Loss

Surya Namaskar - Yoga,Benefits, Steps, Weight LossSurya Namaskar – Yoga,Benefits, Steps, Weight Loss

The fastest path to union and the highest form of Yoga is suryayog or the sun yoga.Surya yog includes them all: the sacred fire of divine love, light, activity, dedication, purity, power, wisdom and adoration. You establish a link between yourself and the divine power by practising suryayog regularly.

1.Sun Yoga : It is still practised as a daily ritual called Surya Namaskar by many first thing in the morning. This asana when done regularly can not only diminish flab from your body but will also set you free from many diseases. It’s ideally done facing the early morning sun so that the body can get benefits of the sun rays. Sun rays are rich source of Vitamin D and help to strengthen our bones and clear our vision.

Suryayog is a holistic exercise; it replenishes the body, mind and spirit. The light emanating from the sun has many curative powers on the body and mind, which have been validated by many ancient cultures and by the scientific community. Regular practise of Suryayog lets the rays of the sun enter our mind, body and spirit, and connects us to nature. It helps to transform one’s inner qualities from the negative to the positive. It promotes harmony and brotherhood and unfolds our social consciousness. The circle of light comprises of activities whose purpose is to express and share our love, and happiness with others. When done in a group, benefits that accrue are immense.

2.Clapping for Health: In our hands lies the key to wellness. Nerves from all the organs of the body are connected to the palms.72 thousand nadis, the meridians and glands can be activated through the simple act of clapping. Increased blood circulation makes for all round health.

The group stands in a circle (the Circle of Light) for these activities. Clap your hands (Suryayog practitioners clap 324 times, you may do so as many times as you feel like).As you clap, count out aloud and increase your concentration and memory! Count forward, backward, fast and then slow. After the exercise stretch your hands to the sky and relax. Turn to the east (if you are doing this exercise to the rising sun) stick your tongue out and laugh.

3.Hu-Ha clearing exercise: Keep hands at shoulder level with elbows bent. Make fists with the palms facing outwards. With a loud “Hu” stretch arms upwards, opening palms. With a loud “Ha” bring arms to shoulder level position.

4.Receive and Expel Exercises: Place the right foot forward. Lift the arms above the head forming a big ‘V’.Remove negativity from the body by bringing the arms down and brushing it off(throw it in the centre of the circle).Say, for example “Health in-disease out, prosperity in-poverty out, wisdom in-ignorance out, courage in –fear out, success in –failure out.”

Surya namaskar has many benefits and can not only reduce your extra flab on your body but will also help you in fighting back diseases. Ideally it should be done at the time of early morning facing towards sun on an empty stomach. The sun’s rays are rich source of vitamin D and helps in strengthening our bones and clearing our vision.

Surya Namaskar Benefits

1. This yoga gives a proper workout to the body and helps the body to get rid of excessive belly fat.

2. The steps in surya namaskar stretch our each and every muscle and thus make our body very flexible.

3. The postures of this yoga massage our internal organs and thus help them to function better.

4. It is advantageous to the digestive system and makes it more efficient.

5. It helps in curing insomnia as it relaxes the body and brings calmness to the mind.

6. It helps in regulating irregular menstrual cycle and makes the childbirth easy.

7. It increases the blood circulation to different parts of the body and thus helps in hair growth and prevents hair problems.

8. It reduces anxiety and restlessness and brings vitality and strength to our body.

9. This exercise helps to add glow to your face . It keeps the skin ageless.

10. Regular practice of this yoga makes the body very flexible. It improves flexibility in spine and limbs.

Surya Namaskar Steps

Surya namaskar is a yoga that comprises of 12 yoga postures. It should be followed in specific sequence with normal breathing pattern. It helps an individual to rejuvenate himself and unblocks his whole system. It reduces fat from almost all parts of the body and tones the different muscles of the body. The steps are as follows:

1. Step1: Stand with your feet together and fold your hands in front of your chest. Close your eyes and chant the mantra ‘Om mitraye namah’.

2. Step 2: Raise your arms over your head and shoulders with the palms touching each other and biceps touching your ears. Stretch your abdomen and lean backwards. Chant ‘Om Khagaye namah’.

3. Step 3: Bend forward and place your hands at the side of your feet. Touch your knee with forehead and chant ‘Om suryaye namah’.

4. Step 4: Take one leg back and place the other leg in the front with palms touching the floor. Raise your head and inhale while chanting ‘Om Bhanuvaye namah’.

5. Step 5: Bring the leg which was in the backward position equal to the forward one and push your hips off the floor with both your hands supporting the body in a push up position. Exhale and chant ‘Om ravi namah’.

6. Step 6: Lower your knees, chest and forehead with your palms firmly on the floor next to your chest and elbows bent upwards. Chant ‘Om pushnae namah’.

7. Step 7: Lower your waist and raise your upper body. Keep your arms straight and look upwards. Chant ‘Om hiranya garbhaya namah’.

8. Step 8: Raise your hips and bring your head to the floor. Let the eyes be on the navel and heels on the floor. Chant ‘Om marichye namah’.

9. Step 9: This posture is same as the posture in Step 4.Inhale and Chant ‘Om adityaya namah’.

10. Step 10: In this step the posture is same as the Step 3. Inhale and chant ‘Om savitre namah’.

11. Step 11: This posture is same as Step 2.Inhale and chant ‘Om arkaya namah’.

12. Step 12: This step is the final step of the surya namaskar and is similar to Step 1.Chant ‘Om bhaskaryaye namah’.

Regular practice of surya namaskar is the way to good health.