Urdhva Hastasana – Raised Hands Pose

Urdhva Hastasana – Raised Hands Pose

Urdhva Hastasana – Raised Hands Pose

What is Urdhva Hastasana – Raised Hands Pose?

Urdhva Hastasana Meaning: In Sanskrit ‘Urdhva’ means ‘up’ or ‘upwards’, ‘Hasta’ means ‘Hands’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture’. It will enable you to begin softening and opening up the shoulder girdle before engaging in poses where the arms bear weight. Practice this pose with your back to the wall so you can feel the alignment. To feel the engagement and rotation of the thighs, place a block between the thighs and squeeze it and roll it slightly backward.

Urdhva Hastasana Steps

1. Begin in Tadasana.

2. Bring your arms to the side and up.

3. Press the palms together, keep the arms straight and take the gaze up towards your thumb.

4. Slide the shoulder blades down the back.

5. Maintain your alignment.

Urdhva Hastasana Benefits

1. It stretches your whole body and gives a good massage to complete body.

2. It stretches your stomach organs and thus enhances the digestive system.

3. It increases your lung capacity.

4. It improves blood circulation in the body.

5. It also helps in improving body posture.

6. It helps in relieving mild anxiety and depression.

Urdhav Hastasana Dos and Don’ts

Avoid this asana if you have neck injury or neck pain.