Skin treatment before wedding

This article emphasizes on how to take care of your skin prior to marriage as marriage preparations are quite stressful.

If you’ve got butterflies in your stomach,it reflects on your face.Add to that,the thought of a probable amiss on your big day,and you’ve got yourself all worked up just before your wedding.What you need is a simple self-care regimen that will ensure you have a radiant glow before your D-Day.

First identify the problem areas.Worried about the venue-booking,guest-house booking,travel plans,all of it? Take a deep breath,close your eyes and relax.Stress can wreak havoc on your complexion.

Tackle it with three-point approach given below:-

  • EXERCISE- Try to squeeze in at least 15 minutes of limb stretches and free hand exercises every day.
  • RELAXATION- This is related to the frequency of exercise you manage to bring into your daily schedule.Even 15 minutes of body exercise helps your body relax.
  • DIET- Apart from a nutritionally sound diet, you must try to increase your milk intake.It’s very good for healthy glowing skin and lustrous hair.

You must invest time and effort in a sound skin care plan. The results will show.If your skin erupts in pimples and acne,consult a dermatologist.

Follow the following steps in your skin-care regimen and dazzle at your wedding:

  1. Cleanse your skin frequently during the day,using a mild face wash.Avoid soap,as it is harsh and further dries the skin.You can take steam once a week.It eases out the seated dirt in the skin pores.
  2. Apply a face pack twice a week.This helps in exfoliating your skin and makes you look radiant.Our skin renews itself every 24 hours.Using a pack removes dead skin and cleans your skin pores.
  3. Use a sunscreen daily.Preferably one with an SPF of 30 or above.All your skin care products should be of a reputed brand and in accordance with your skin type.
  4. Moisturise your skin daily.It hydrates the skin and helps in delaying the onset of wrinkles.
  5. A mild cleansing lotion,a gentle scrub,an effective toner,a non-oily moisturizer,a make-up remover and under-eye cream must form part of your vanity bag.
  6. Regular clean ups and facials help in easing the dirt and grime out of the skin’s pores and to deter the onset of wrinkles.
  7. Make liberal use of cold cream or moisturizer at night to pamper your soles,heels and hands.
  8. Go for a manicure and pedicure every three weeks.

Home therapies for skin:

  1. The besan uptan works like magic.Mix two tablespoons of chane ka atta(besan) with a teaspoon of honey,turmeric and a dash of lime.Apply the paste on your face.Leave on to dry and bathe after twenty minutes.
  2. The juice of watermelon and cucumber is an excellent toner.Aloe vera is ideal for dry skin.Apply as face mask and rinse off after twenty minutes.Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth tightens the skin.