Tibetan 5 Rites

Some 2,500 years ago, Tibetan monks developed a system of Yoga Practices as rejuvenation exercises which came to be known as The Five Tibetan Rites. Though ancient, these practices did not travel to much of the world until Peter Kelder published his books titled ‘The Eye of Revelation’ and ‘Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth’ in 1939.

Tibetan 5 Rites

Quite different from Indian Yoga, which is a set of static poses, the Tibetan Five Rites is a combination of five sets of exercises all of which are based on a continuous sequence of movement. These exercises stimulate and balance the flow of energy through chakras (literally meaning circles; these are energy centres located along the spine) in the human body. Since chakras control the flow of energy in the human body, daily practice of the Five Tibetan Rites can have a profound impact on your vitality, health and even appearance.

The rhythmic movement of these exercises turns the chakras, cleaning them of the clogged energy and pumping fresh ‘chi’ into our system. With nerves from the spine spread through the body, the exercises relieve one of various ailments, stress, chronic disorders and promote vitality. Some of the key benefits of practicing the Tibetan Rites are: increased bone mass, better digestion, a healthy core, improved eyesight, sound sleep and they even reverse signs of physical degeneration, making the practitioner look younger.

However, excessive flow of ‘chi’ through the body can aggravate certain health conditions. Therefore, practitioners recommend caution. They advocate performing the Rites only under correct guidance.

While one may think of such practices to be time consuming, but the Five Rites, performed in sets of 20 repetitions, take no more than 20 minutes a day.


Photo Credits : http://dodhisattva.wordpress.com